The farm

Saerbaekgaard is a former farm, which was changed to primarily living quarters approximately 30 years ago. Since then there has been a few farm animals every now and then. The agriculture is still driven on a regular basis, which means the surrounding fields will be cultivated part of the summer. The main house, which is seen above, is open for rental all year. However, the countryside is especially astounding in the summer vacation.

The house

In the house there is room and sleeping areas for 12 people. There is one double bed, and the rest are single beds, but they are easy to rearrange and combine. The house is divided in 3 floors. On the first floor there are 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. In each bedroom there are 2 beds. On the ground floor there are 2 living rooms, a kitchen, a hallway and a dining room. In the basement, there are 3 bedrooms, a room with a Spa, and a regular bathroom. One of the bedrooms have 2 beds next to each other. The second has 3 separated beds and the last bedroom has a double bed and a single bed.

The garden

From the terrace of the house, there is an incredible panorama view, stretching all the way from Ebeltoft to Århus, with Helgenæs residing in the middle. The terrace is directly connected to the garden, which is fully accessible when renting. It contains a couple of swings and a slide for children, and for the older audience, there is an old viking burial ground. There are several apple trees, cherries, plum and walnut trees in the garden. Feel free to gather some fruit.

The area

There is a private beach, also available for people renting the house. It is rougly 300 meters from the house, and is located at the end of the largest of the fields. The water is very shallow and children friendly.

The family

My family and I live across the courtyard and we will not be bothering you. Should any problems arise you are free to knock on our door, and we will try to assist you. I live together with my 18 year old daughter and my 12 year old son. We have been living here for 24+ years.


Activities and Entertainment


Around the house there is a large garden with apple trees. It is children friendly and contains a couple of swings and a little slide. For the older audience there is a viking burial ground, which resides on a hill with a nice view.


Free wifi and TV is available. Furthermore there also is a Nintendo Wii.


There is a small private beach not too far from the house. The water is shallow and children friendly.


The house has multiple board games available. In the basement there is a football table and a game of Darts is also available.


There is a fully functional kitchen available. This includes oven, fridge, freezer and dishwasher. In the basement there is a washing machine and a dryer. A Spa is also located in the basement.


The house and appertaining area

A collection of pictures from inside and around the house.

Rental pages


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Get a discount by staying a full week

Our prices vary corresponding to the time you spend here. We prefer to rent the house in full weeks, and therefore we lower the price, per day, the longer you stay. Consider a whole month if possible!

Day price

950 DKK
Full Access
Up to 12 persons
Free WiFi and TV
All activities included

Week price

6000 DKK
Full Access
Up to 12 persons
Free WiFi and TV
All activities included

Month price

19000 DKK
Full Access
Up to 12 persons
Free WiFi and TV
All activities included

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